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Film Scanning & Photo Restoration

Film Scanning & Photo Restoration


I’ve always loved looking through old family photos - it provides an insight into the life of our ancestors. In addition to photographing portraits and events, I also offer film scanning and photo restoration services to preserve your family’s heritage and past.

Please contact me via the General Enquiries with your requirements.

If you are unsure about which film types you own, you can use this guide.


Old Photo Scanning

Preserve your memories digitally and have your photos scanned in high resolution.


Film Scanning

Get your old colour and black and white negatives scanned and converted into digital files.

Retouching & Restoration

If you have damaged photos that have seen better days, I can restore them to their former glory.


pricing guide

135 - 35mm Film Negatives

1-55 : £0.40 per film strip
50-100 : £0.35 per film strip
100-200 : £0.30 per film strip
200-400 : £0.25 per film strip
500+ : £0.20 per film strip

110 - Instamatic Film Negatives

£0.50 per film strip

126 - Instamatic Film Negatives

£0.50 per film strip

120 - Medium Format Film Negatives

£1.00 per frame/film strip

Print Scans

1-55 : £0.40 per photo
50-100 : £0.35 per photo
100-200 : £0.30 per photo
200-400 : £0.25 per photo
500+ : £0.20 per photo

Restoration Price Guide

Each photo is different and will need to be assessed individually. The pricing below serves as a guide.

Grade 0 - From £5.00 to £15.00
Trivial - Dust and scratch removal, cropping, contrast adjustments.

Grade 1 - £16 and £24
Minor - Light damage, minor creases or folds, light discolouration.

Grade 2 - £25 and £49
Major - Small areas missing or damaged, major creases or folds, light tears, small amount of mould, minor discolouration or fading.

Grade 3 - £50 and up
Severe - Significant areas missing or damaged, significant tears or folds, rebuilding of areas required, heavy fading or mould damage.